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Strapping is a type of packaging that protects and stabilizes products during the shipping and the handling process to ensure that the product arrive at their final destination in good condition. Strapping is a must in the packaging industry and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

There are 4 types of strapping, click on the type of strapping you are interested in to learn more. 

Polypropylene strapping

Polyester strapping

Steel strapping

Cord strapping

 Several parameters must be considered before choosing a strapping :

  • The type of product to be packed
  • The weight of the product
  • The stability and shape of the product
  • The destination of the product
  • The shipping method
  • Type of equipment that will be used

Once you have determined all these elements, the Carrousel experts will recommend the best type of strapping for your specific business needs.

The Carrousel experts have created a series of videos to help you fully understand this type of packaging. Click here to see our special project: Démystifier les courroies! (in French only) 



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