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Polyester strapping

why choose a polyester strapping?

Polyester strapping is mainly used to close boxes, secure and stabilize the pallet during transport and handling. The customers should use this type of strapping because it is safe, resistant and easy to use! 

This strapping, which has a very good retention capacity, can be used with very heavy loads such as wood, bricks, pipes, and more. Since a few years, the polyester strapping replaces the metal strapping in several situations. Ask our experts for advice! 

The main advantages of polyester strapping are :

  • Safer and more polyvalent than steel strapping
  • Very easy to use and handle
  • 2x more linear footage for 2x less weight than steel strapping (saves time and increases productivity)
  • Made from 98% recycled material
  • UV and moisture resistant
  • Very good elongation properties (memory effect)
  • Available in green or black and can be personalised with your logo
  • Available in various widths: 3/8" (9mm) to 1" (25mm)
  • Holding force: 500 lb to 3000 lb

Each company has different production volumes, so there are several compatible tools for closing/sealing polyester strapping. 


Hand tools:

Battery-powered hand tools:

Automatic systems:

  • Need buckles/seals
  • Most economical option 
  • Time consuming and demanding process (several manipulations required by the operator)
  • Recommended for low production volumes
  • Can tension, seal and cut with one tool (no need for buckles/seals)
  • Sealing by friction, which provides consistent sealing results
  • Fast and easy to use for the operator
  • Recommended for medium production volumes
  • Fast and easy process (a few seconds!)
  • Provide consistent results
  • Can be operated without employees
  • Systems can be customised according to needs
  • Recommended for high production volumes


  To learn more about the polyester strapping, watch the video that our experts have created for you! (in French only) 

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