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Steel strapping


Steel strapping is the most well-known and the most used type of strapping on the market today. The steel strapping is designed for extreme applications due to its excellent resistance to high temperatures and its ability to hold very heavy loads. However, this type of strapping is being replaced by polyester strapping, which is an excellent and more affordable alternative for nearly all applications.

Examples of extreme applications:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Heavy construction materials
  • Steel coil shipping

The main advantages of the steel strapping are :

  • Excellent resistance to hot temperatures
  • Made of painted or galvanized steel
  • Available widths: 3/8" to 2"
  • Holding force: 700 lb to 13,000 lb

Despite the many advantages of steel strapping, it is important to remember that this type of strapping can injure the workers who use it due to its very high weight and sharp edges. Contact a Carrousel expert now to replace your steel strapping with the polyester strapping!

Compatible tools with steel strapping:

Hand tools:

Combinaison hand tools:

  • Need buckles/seals
  • Time consuming and demanding process (several manipulations required by the operator)
  • Recommended for low production volumes
  • Can tension, seal and cut with one tool (no need for buckles/seals)
  • Sealing by notching
  • Fast and easy to use for the operator
  • Recommended for low to medium production volumes


Watch this video to learn why you should switch from steel strapping to polyester strapping! (in French only)