Janitorial products and equipment

Entrance mats

How to choose the right entrance mat for your business?


  • For outdoor and indoor entrance and vestibule
  • Scrapes and traps dirt and debris while blocking it from entering the building
  • Easy maintenance, doesn’t absorb moisture


  • For indoor entrance
  • Absorbs and removes moderate dirt that has resisted to the scraper mat
  • Moderately retains water and moisture to keep entrances clean


  • For indoor areas
  • Absorbs water to keep hallways dry and safe
  • Major role in retaining water and fine dust
  • Reduces the risk of falls related to wet entrances and hallways

Did you know that the backing of the mats is also important? In fact, the Mat tech mats are specially formulated with a slip-resistant vinyl blended nitrile. This unique formula allows to :

  • Ensures steadiness and control by keeping the mat in place. Reduces the risk of trips or falls, making your establishment safer.
  • Resist the occasional presence of food, sugar, fat, oil and alcohol, thus extending the life of the mat.