Packaging equipment and machinery

Case and tray formers

These machines are designed to erect boxes, close and seal the bottom flaps, and produce fully formed boxes that are ready for filling. Used primarily by greengrocers, these formers can accommodate both RSC corrugated cases and trays.

  • Semi-automatic systems for standard/regular slotted cases (RSC)

    The operator takes a flat box, forms the box to shape, and places it on the machine. The machine then automatically seals the bottom flaps and produces a box that is ready to be filled with product. There are several options available, with forming and sealing stations that can be operated by one or more operators.

  • For trays

    Automatic tray formers pull each flat cardboard sheet from the magazine, fold the sheet and completely form the tray, using either the self-locking tabs or hot glue. Once the trays are formed, the machine ejects them onto an outfeed conveyor belt.