Packaging equipment and machinery

Case sealers

Carton sealing machines, otherwise commonly known as case sealers, are designed to seal cardboard boxes using tape or glue. The automatic or semi-automatic machines apply the tape or glue to the top and bottom flaps simultaneously, resulting in huge time savings and flawless, robust seals.

There are several types of machine to choose from, depending on which material is used to seal the boxes:

  • Water-activated tape (WAT)

    Water-activated tape (WAT) bonds instantly to both virgin and recycled fibre surfaces, generating an immediate, destructive bond which results in a tamper-evident package. Carrousel offers manual dispensers and semi-automatic systems for use with water-activated tape.

  • Adhesive tape

    Adhesive tapes are the most commonly used and affordable product for sealing any type of cardboard box. They come in different formats with different properties. Check out our selection of adhesive tape sealers—from standard tape dispensers to fully automatic systems.

  • Hot glue

    Hot glue systems produce more visually appealing boxes compared to adhesive tape systems. They protect against tampering, since the glue also acts as a security seal. Carrousel offers manual guns as well as automatic systems.