Packaging equipment and machinery

Shrink packaging machines

Shrink wrapping is a more attractive, lighter, cost-effective alternative to cardboard or plastic containers for packaging and presenting products. It also protects against tampering since the film must be cut or torn to gain access to the product. Films are available in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes to meet the diverse needs of both the foodservice (vegetables, pâtés and pies, meats, etc.) and the industrial sectors.

Carrousel distributes several brands of equipment, including Wulftec, Sealer Sales, and Cavalier (our private label brand).

There are three types of shrink packaging machines:

  • Manual

    Machines that require an operator to manually perform all operations, such as pulling the film to the required size, opening the film, inserting the product, adjusting the quantity of film needed, sealing the pack, and, finally, shrinking the film with a heat gun.

  • Semi-automatic

    Machines that help eliminate some of the manual labour. The operator simply inserts the product into the film, moves it onto the sealing area, and lowers the sealing arm, which automatically seals two sides of the film in one motion. The machine then transports the product through a heat shrink tunnel where film shrinking takes place.

  • Automatic

    The product is placed on the infeed conveyor either manually or directly from a fully-automated production line. The machine does the rest by transporting the product through the heat shrink tunnel to the outfeed end.