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About Carrousel

Based in Boucherville since 1971, Emballages Carrousel has always maintained strong customer ties based on trust and a proactive approach. This has resulted in a loyal customer base—from small businesses to large multinationals—that knows we can provide them with whatever they need.

Over the years, our product offering has greatly expanded from its initial core of a few packaging solutions for butchers and bakeries, making Carrousel today’s industry leader in Québec. Whether you are looking for eco-friendly containers, pallet stretch films, strapping tools, or cleaning/maintenance products, our team of experts will advise you on the best product for your needs.

Guided by the values of respect and solidarity, Carrousel’s top priority is the wellbeing of its close to more than 400 devoted employees who exemplify the true meaning of team spirit. We also extend our caring attitude to many charitable organizations, which we support year after year.

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Engagement 500 Plus:

Choices for our planetLogo Engagement 500 Plus

Carrousel Packaging is Quebec’s largest distributor of packaging products. We take pride in our leadership of this industry and offer a range of carefully selected eco-friendly products, with the support of Éco Entreprises Québec.

With our Engagement 500 Plus, we have pledged to add at least 500 green products per year to our line. All these products hold recognized certifications.

We also make certain that our staff is always well equipped to provide our customers with the best sustainable choices, in line with their specific needs.

But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We have adopted a series of initiatives to fully assume our role as a socially responsible business. At Carrousel, this includes the important positive impact we intend to have on safeguarding the environment, maintaining the safety and quality of our workplace, and giving support to various important causes in our community. We expect our business partners to do the same. This is why we shall publish soon our first guide for our suppliers —to ensure us that we share the same values and concerns.

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Why do business with Carrousel?

Our people

The largest sales team in Québec, with 50 field and internal representatives

14 customer service agents, specialized in the foodservice and industrial sectors

Our service

  • A longer order intake period than our competitors
  • The lowest minimum purchase requirement for free shipping in the market
  • A fleet of 50 delivery trucks, serving nearly 1,200 clients daily across Québec
  • 4 branches (3 with a showroom and Customer Service counter): Boucherville, Drummondville, Québec, and Boisbriand
  • Comprehensive technical support services offered by our three electromechanical certified technicians, for the installation, maintenance, and repair of packaging equipment

Our variety of products

  • All under one roof!

- Food packaging
- Industrial packaging (protective and shipping)
- Packaging equipment and machines
- Sanitary, maintenance, and hygiene products
- Health and safety
- Food products and accessories

  • More than 5,000 stocked items and over 13,500 special-order items, from close to 300 suppliers

Our paper bag manufacturing division – Carfabel

  • A Québec company based in Boucherville for over 25 years
  • Designs, manufactures, and prints a wide range of bags, including bread bags, pastry bags, bags for cured sausage, pharmacy bags, etc.
  • Complete service offer and competitive lead times

Balpex, symbol of excellence

Logo-BalpexCarrousel is extremely proud to be a major member of the Balpex buying group. Balpex brings together around 50 food, industrial and maintenance packaging suppliers across Canada. Balpex’s mission is to negotiate favourable agreements with suppliers that help its members maintain growth and competitiveness year after year.


HACCP certification

Logo-HACCP-grandCarrousel is proud to have obtained the HACCP certification for its 4 warehouses, as a result of the rigorous work done over more than a year. Meeting the major challenge of safety in food businesses, the HACCP method consists of a system of evaluation and control of the risks and hazards that threaten the safety of our products in our daily operations.

The implementation of the various programs required for HACCP certification has allowed us to completely review our procedures as a packaging and sanitary products distributor. These programs include, among others, training of our employees, pest control, good work practices and evaluation of our suppliers.



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Carrou-cycle :

The program that gives a second life to stretch film!  

Each year, millions pounds of stretch film are used by many companies in Quebec. This material, most of which is currently sent to landfill sites, is a real environmental problem. As the largest distributor of packaging products in Quebec, Carrousel is very proud to have developed an innovative and eco-responsible solution that will help reduce the amount of residual material created by this packaging.

Carrousel has therefore joined forces with its longtime business partner, Polykar, a plastic bag manufacturer, to launch its brand-new recycling program for stretch film, Carrou-cycle.

This program, which implements the concept of the circular economy, will enable companies to meet their environmental commitments and transform used stretch film into new plastic products.

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Ask your representative to find out if you are eligible for this exclusive program!

If you are not a customer, please contact a member of our industrial team.