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Our commitment

Eco-responsibility of products sold by Carrousel: a constantly evolving priority

We are very proud to have launched our Engagement 500 Plus in 2019. In just a few years, this program has allowed us to add hundreds of eco-responsible products to our selection in addition to raising awareness and informing our customers about products that could limit their impact on the environment.

Since then, several other initiatives have been launched, including our Carrou-cycle stretch film recycling program and the introduction of a new line of equipment, dishwashers, which encourage the transition to reusable dinnerware.

At Carrousel, preserving the planet's resources is important to us and we are determined to be a key player in the development of sustainable and eco-responsible solutions in the Canadian packaging industry. Stay tuned for our next developments!

Download our catalog in high quality (51 Mo).

Please note that this catalog was developed in April 2022. It will be updated in the near future to remove the few items that will be restricted or banned by the Montreal and federal regulations on single-use plastics.

Guide to single-use plastic items allowed and prohibited

Montreal and the Government of Canada have adopted regulations prohibiting the sale and offer of some single-use plastic products.

To help you find your way around, Carrousel has produced a guide summarizing the targeted items.


In addition, in order to easily identify on our website the single-use plastic products that are or will be banned or restricted at the federal level or in Montreal, you will find two new labels on the picture of the affected products:


Means that a product is or will be banned at the federal level. It may also be banned in Montreal.


Means that the use of this product is or will be restricted according to certain criteria or uses and/or that it is or will be banned only in Montreal.

More explanations can be found in the detailed article page.


Are you located in a city other than Montreal that has adopted a bylaw on single-use plastics? Carrousel has compiled a list of banned items and environmentally responsible alternatives for each of these municipalities. Contact us for more information!

Our ecoresponsible products

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To encourage the transition to a sustainable solution and the use of reusable dishware, Carrousel has been offering a new line of equipment, dishwashers, since 2020. This initiative takes the form of a complete kitchen hygiene program that includes the sale, rental and maintenance of reusable dishwashers and glasswashers.



Carrou-cycle program

The program that gives a second life to stretch film!  

Each year, millions pounds of stretch film are used by many companies in Quebec. This material, most of which is currently sent to landfill sites, is a real environmental problem. As the largest distributor of packaging products in Quebec, Carrousel is very proud to have developed an innovative and eco-responsible solution that will help reduce the amount of residual material created by this packaging.

Carrousel has therefore joined forces with its longtime business partner, Polykar, a plastic bag manufacturer, to launch its brand-new recycling program for stretch film, Carrou-cycle.

This program, which implements the concept of the circular economy, will enable companies to meet their environmental commitments and transform used stretch film into new plastic products.

Download the leaflet to find out how it works.

Ask your representative to find out if you are eligible for this exclusive program!

If you are not a customer, please contact a member of our industrial team.

Carrou-cycle program

What is recyclable, compostable, disposable?

Hard to unravel among all the information disseminated in the media! Find out about which products, available at Carrousel, are recyclable and / or compostable, and how to dispose of our products after use.

SEE THE CHECKLIST (English version to come).

What is recyclable, compostable, disposable?