Packaging equipment and machinery


Semi-automatic wrappers require an operator to perform some of the steps. In fact, the operator places the pallet on the machine’s work surface (turntable models) or on the ground (rotary arm models). For some models, the operator must attach the film to the pallet and activate the machine from the control panel. Once the cycle is completed, he tears the film and fixes the loose end to the load.

  • Wulftec turntable

    Wulftec semi-automatic wrappers deliver unparalleled quality and stability, and are intended for clients who value reliability, performance, and durability. They come in two versions: manual or automated film handling. Turntable stretch wrappers are typically less expensive than rotary arm models and take up less floor space.

  • Carrousel turntable

    The Carrousel stretch wrapper is the ideal machine for standard operations in a regular production environment. With its excellent quality-price ratio, this wrapper is perfectly suited for clients who wrap a maximum of 20 pallets a day, but who nonetheless want a high-performing, cost-efficient solution.
  • Wulftec rotary arm

    Compared to turntable models, rotary arm models are ideal for wrapping very light or unstable loads. They come in two versions: manual or automated film handling.

  • BeeWrap mobile wrapper

    The BeeWrap mobile wrapper moves around your pallets and is ideal for heavy items, unusual shapes and large loads