Packaging equipment and machinery

Plastic strapping

Carrousel offers different types of equipment for plastic strapping, from simple tensioners to completely automated systems.

  • Hand tools

    For plastic and polypropylene strapping

    The operator inserts the strap into the tensioner, activates the tensioning levers, places a buckle on the strap, then crimps and seals the buckle. Hand tools can be used with any type of strapping, but different models are better suited for different materials: plastic versus metal strapping.

  • Battery-powered hand tools

    For polyester and polypropylene strapping

    Battery-powered tools can quickly and effortlessly tension, seal, and cut the strapping. They can be used with polyester or polypropylene straps and are suitable for medium production volumes.

  • Strapping tables

    For polypropylene strapping

    This tool is simple, cost-effective, and very easy to use. It tensions, seals, and cuts strapping in one easy step, in about 2.5 seconds per product. Can be used with 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" polypropylene straps.

  • Semi-automatic systems

    For polypropylene strapping

    The operator simply places the package on the table and activates the machine. The machine then automatically runs a strap around the package and pulls it tight according to a pre-set tension.

  • Automatic systems

    For polyester and polypropylene strapping

    These fully automatic systems offer numerous options: horizontal or vertical strapping, strapping of palletized loads, easy adjustment of strapping tension, insertion of protective corners, and much more.