Protection and expedition packaging

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Protector foam

3030009 AIR FOAM 1/32X9"X2000' PERF. 80"  
3030012 AIR FOAM 1/32X12"X2000' PROTECPAC  
3030018 AIR FOAM 1/32X18"X2000' PRF. 48"  
3030020 AIR FOAM 1/32X20"X2000' PROTECPAC  
3030025 AIR FOAM 1/32X24"X2000' PERF. 48"  
3030026 AIR FOAM 1/32X24"X2000'  
3030031 AIR FOAM 1/32X30"X2000' PERF. 10" PROTECPAC  
3030035 AIR FOAM 1/32X36"X2000' PROTECPAC  
3030036 AIRFOAM 1/32X36"X2000' PERF. 74" PROTECPAC  
3030038 AIR FOAM 1/32X36"X2000' PERF. 82" PROTECPAC  
3030048 AIR FOAM 1/32X48"X2000' PROTECPAC  
3030060 AIR FOAM 1/32X60"X2000' PROTECPAC  
3030072 AIR FOAM 1/32X72"X2000'  
3030112 AIR FOAM 1/16X12"X1250' PERF. 12" PROTECPAC  
3030124 AIR FOAM 1/16X24"X1250' PERF. 14" PROTECPAC  
3030125 AIR FOAM 1/16X24"X1250' PROTECPAC  
3030136 AIR FOAM 1/16X36"X1250' PROTECPAC  
3030148 AIR FOAM 1/16X48"X1250' PROTECPAC  
3030160 AIR FOAM 1/16X60"X1250' C:31-32" P:24" PROTECPAC  
3030161 AIR FOAM 1/16X60"X1250' PROTECPAC  
3030214 AIR FOAM 3/32X14X750' PERF. 26" PROTECPAC  
3030230 AIR FOAM 3/32X30"X750'  
3030248 AIR FOAM 3/32X48"X750' PROTECPAC  
3030260 AIR FOAM 3/32X60"X750' PROTECPAC  
3030306 AIR FOAM 1/8X6"X550' PROTECPAC  
3030308 AIR FOAM 1/8X8"X550' PROTECPAC  
3030312 AIR FOAM 1/8X12"X550'  
3030324 AIR FOAM 1/8X24"X550' PROTECPAC  
3030330 AIR FOAM 1/8X30X550' PERF. 50" PROTECPAC  
3030336 AIR FOAM 1/8X36"X550' PROTECPAC  
3030348 AIR FOAM 1/8X48"X550' PROTECPAC  
3030372 AIRFOAM 1/8X72"X550' PERF. 54" PROTECPAC  
3030436 AIR FOAM 3/16X36"X350' PROTECPAC  
3032048 AIR FOAM+BUBBLE 3/16X48" LAMINATED 250' FOAM 3/32  
3032212 COHES.BUBBLE 3/16X12"X300  
3033210 PEANUTS CUBE 20 CU.FT.  
3034134 ADHES.FOAM 1/16X12.5X34" 120 BLACK  
3035009 FOAM 1/32X9"X2000' PERF. 80" BIO-OXO  
3040018 AIR FOAM 1/32X18"X2000' SEALED AIR  
3040036 AIR FOAM 1/32X36"X2000' SEALED AIR  
3040048 AIR FOAM 1/32X48"X2000' SEALED AIR  
3040072 AIR FOAM 1/32X72"X2000'  
3040113 AIR FOAM 1/16X12"X1250' PERF. 32" SEALED AIR  
3040125 AIR FOAM 1/16X24"X1250' PERF. 56" SEALED AIR  
3040126 AIR FOAM 1/16X24"X1250' SEALED AIR  
3040130 AIR FOAM 1/16X30"X1250' SEALED AIR  
3040136 AIR FOAM 1/16X36"X1250' SEALED AIR  
3040137 AIR FOAM 1/16X36"X1250' PERF. 72" SEALED AIR  
3040138 AIR FOAM 1/16X36"X1250' PERF. 24" SEALED AIR  
3040148 AIR FOAM 1/16X48"X1250' SEALED AIR  
3040150 AIR FOAM 1/16X48"X1250' C:38" P:24" SEALED AIR  
3040225 AIR FOAM 3/32X24"X750'  
3040237 AIR FOAM 3/32X36"X750' PERF. 24" SEALED AIR  
3040248 AIR FOAM 3/32X48"X750' SEALED AIR  
3040313 AIR FOAM 1/8X12"X550' PERF. 17,5" SEALED AIR  
3040324 AIR FOAM 1/8X24"X550' SEALED AIR  
3040325 AIR FOAM 1/8X24"X550' PERF. 12" SEALED AIR  
3040331 AIR FOAM 1/8X30"X550'  
3040336 AIR FOAM 1/8X36"X550' SEALED AIR  
3040348 AIR FOAM 1/8X48"X550' SEALED AIR  
3040548 AIR FOAM 1/4X48"X250' SEALED AIR  
3040573 AIR FOAM 1/4X72"X250' C:14" P:14" SEALED AIR  
3061248 CELLU-CUSHION 1/2X48"X125 PERF. 6"  
9741067 PLAST.STRAP.1/2X9000' WH 300LBS 8X8 MACH. MA12MM90  


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