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Bag rolls

3005010 ROLL BAG 20X30 RL/500 2.5M PLAIN  
3005012 ROLL BAG 6X54 3M PLAIN N/FDA RL/450  
3005013 ROLL BAAG 6X34 3M CL PLAIN ROLL/675 N/FDA  
3005014 ROLL BAG 8X34 3M PLAIN N/FDA RL/675  
3005021 ROLL BAG 21X21 1.5M PLAIN RL/1000  
3005023 ROLL BAG 26X36 1.35M CLEAR RL/500  
3005024 ROLL BAG 20X10X24 1M PLAIN RL/1000  
3005119 ROLL BAG 18X12X19 1M PLAIN FDA  
3005130 ROLL BAG 25X15X30 1M PLAIN RL/500  
3005132 ROLL BAG 25X15X30 2M FDA RL/250  
3005151 ROLL BAG 24X20X49 1M FDA PLAIN 250/RL  
3005152 ROLL BAG 29X19X52 1M FDA PLAIN RL/250  
3005240 ROLL BAG 12X10X24 3M FDA RL/250  
3005338 ROLL BONES BAG 30X38 2.5M PLAIN RL/250  
3005340 ROLL BAG 21X32 4M FDA PLAIN RL/250  
3005436 ROLL BAG 24X36 1.3M WHITE RL/600  
3005445 ROLL BAG 45X60 1M FDA PLAIN RL/250  
3005458 ROLL BAG 48X72 1M FDA PLAIN RL/250  
3005596 ROLL BAG 50X35X96 1,9M RL/50 FDA  
3005599 BAG 48"X36"X103" 1.5M 100/RL  
3005639 MATTRESS POLY BAG 2.75M 39X9X88 RL/100  
3005654 MATTRESS POLY BAG 3M 54X10X90 RL/75  
3005660 MATTRESS POLY BAG 3M 60X10X92 RL/50   MIN:1000  
3005682 RECUP. BAG 25X20X48X1.7M RL/150  
3005684 RECUP. BAG 30X26X54X1.7M RL/150  
3006122 FDA BLUE BAG 22X10X22 1M RL/750  
3006126 FDA BLUE BAG 26X24X38 1M RL/250  
3006648 PLAIN POLY BAG 26X48 2M FDA RL/300  


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An experienced team

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