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We’ve got your solution all wrapped up! Let us have the pleasure of finding what you’re looking for. Whether it’s for your food, industrial, sanitary products, maintenance or equipment needs...we’ve definitely got what you need.




Over 5000 products
All types of material
Green products
Paper bag manufacturing

Food Packaging

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Protective packaging
Films and bags
Smaller equipment and machinery
Health and safety

Industrial Packaging

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Packaging machines
strapping machines
Conveyors, applicators
Sealers, formers, tensioners
7-day technical assistance

Packaging equipment

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An experienced team
An experienced team

45 years of bringing on board dedicated, professional people who care, experts from all areas of the packaging industry, all across the province, to respond to our customers’ needs and to build long-lasting partnerships with them. 300 people, one team. 45 years of experience. Ready to serve you.